Optimizing the Customer Experience through Personalization and Behavioral Targeting

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In today’s Digital Era, enterprises need to personalize their content in order to maximize customer engagement. Without compromising trust (and without being “creepy”), organizations should pay attention to their customer’s behavior to the greatest extent possible.

Content personalization enables the dynamic delivery of customized content—anticipating what the user will benefit from – and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Without personalization, the Web is static – where the same content is presented for every web site visitor. That is so 1999.

One-to-one customer experience personalization can be achieved by adopting a modern Web CMS solution that includes key capabilities for Web experience management (WEM), including personalization and content targeting across all digital channels.  Engagement is about maintaining an on-going, bi-directional conversation with customers and a WEM solution must have capabilities that enable site visitor engagement.

A key ingredient for a WEM solution to target content effectively is that it must easily integrate with disparate data sources – CRM systems for customer data, social networks for social graph data, analytics systems for behavioral data – all of which can be used to intelligently personalize the experience for the target audience.

Measurement is just as important.  For example, user behaviors such as user comments, ratings, and content downloads help enterprises to measure their success. The insights gained from analyzing the behavior of your audience will talk loudly.  So listen.

To succeed on the modern Web, leading enterprises must utilize a modern WEM solution that incorporates native content personalization capabilities  ease of integration, and embedded analytics  so they may provide an outstanding experience for their visitors.

If they do so, a one-to-one customer experience will bring bottom line results such as increased sales, higher ROI, increased profits, and more lucrative customer relationships.

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