Announcing the Launch of Crafter Marketplace

Crafter Marketplace is our newly launched one-stop-shop resource for sharing, browsing, and downloading CrafterCMS site blueprints and plugins. Looking to set up a new marketing site? A Gatsby-based blog? An e-Commerce site? A personalized OTT video platform? Get set up and launched within minutes using Crafter Marketplace.

Join this webinar to learn more about what Crafter Marketplace is and how you can get started building, listing and leveraging plugins from the Crafter Marketplace today!

Topics we will cover:
—An overview of Crafter Marketplace
—How the CrafterCMS open source community can best leverage our Public Marketplace
—How CrafterCMS Enterprise customers can build Private Marketplaces inside their organizations
—Guidelines for creating blueprints and plugins and publishing them to the Marketplace