Get started with confidence: Crafter Consulting

Make the most of your investment in CrafterCMS, and work with the developers and solution architects who have built hundreds of production sites on it. CrafterCMS provides a variety of kick start, architectural design, performance tuning, DevContentOps process, and custom consulting services packages.  For full-lifecycle project implementation services, please contact one of our certified partners.

Quick Start

Quick Start Consulting is designed to get your team and your installation off on the right foot.

  • Assist in creating Crafter deployment architecture
  • Perform and document standard installation
  • Review requirements and advise on design and project plan
  • Document best practices and options
  • Analyze and mitigate risk of project plan and architecture
  • Analyze needs and recommend a training program
  • Tailor Crafter's unique DevContentOps process to your tooling and practices

Developer Support

Provide your developers with access to quick answers and guidance across all aspects of the CrafterCMS through the Developer Support Subscription.

  • 24 Hour SLA for developer questions
  • Scheduled design and implementation reviews

DevContentOps Consulting

Let us help you realize the benefits of Crafter's unique DevContentOps process. Our DevContentOps Consulting Services help you implement and integrate the process into your organization's existing DevOps practices and tooling. We are experts at weaving CrafterCMS and its support for the DevContentOps process into major enterprises, enabling the tremendous benefits that result from breaking down the barriers between content management, software development, and IT operations.

Some of the outcomes of a DevContentOps Process Consulting Services engagement include:

  • Elimination of all barriers between content publishers, software developers, and IT operations -- enabling them all to work seamlessly together.
  • Shorter lifecycle for, and increased throughput of, delivering software features, fixes and updates of content apps to production.
  • Parallel and frictionless development and integration of content and software features through standard tools and approaches such as branching, eliminating the need for undesirable impacts including code and content freezes and double publishing.
  • Continuous publishing of content without any interruptions due to software dev/test/release cycles.
  • Continuous movement of code forward from development environments to production/operations, and continuous movement of content back from production/operations to lower development environments, facilitating CI/CD and traditional DevOps for content managed apps.
  • Continuous merging of source code and content changes to eliminate large merge conflicts and streamlined dev/test/release/publish cycles of content apps.
  • Seamless integration of traditional DevOps tooling for building, testing, releasing, and orchestrating content managed apps.
  • Cultural improvements resulting from enhanced collaboration among developers, IT operations, and content teams.

Solution Partners

Need more help with installation and implementation?  Count on one of our 20+  Solutions Partners to help you cross the finish line.  Our Certified Solution Partners have a proven track record of successful delivery of CrafterCMS projects. A helping hand, soup-to-nuts implementation or staff aug — our partners will work with you to make you successful.