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Read why real customers choose CrafterCMS.

Why Our Customers Love Us

With so many headless CMS' on the market, we know that choosing CrafterCMS to build your digital experiences is a huge business decision that impacts your bottom-line for years to come. Which is why we are so proud when our customers share with us their stories of triumph when utilizing CrafterCMS. 


94% Meets Requirements

Customers are happy to report that CrafterCMS fully meets the requirements of what they need out of their headless CMS.

100% Quality of Support

Our customers rate quality of support as fantastic. We're so proud of this because it means that your organization can focus on what it does best and we can help support that.

87% Ease of Setup

Customers report that from the extensive documentation, to the testing of new features, getting set up and started with CrafterCMS is a breeze.

Crafter Testimonials


API Endpoints

"Easy to add API endpoints for search, categorization, filtering, indexing, caching, etc." 

Git-Based Repository

"The fact that code, content, and configuration are in one place makes it very easy to synchronise dev, authoring, and production systems. Testing features couldn’t be any easier than just switching branches"

Prompt Customer Service

"My favorite part about working with Crafter is their prompt customer service. They're always there to swoop in and solve the problem, and they do it with a smile! 

Audit Log

"Super helpful in finding the responsible authors so issues can be easily rectified"

Support & Partnership

"Crafter's leadership team is willing to jump in and develop solutions in partnership with us"

Seamless Integration

"I love how seamless the system is across all platforms and how it engages prospects and clients"

Personalized Customer Experiences

"I was having trouble engaging my clients, but I’ve seen an increase in brand awareness thanks to CrafterCMS"

Easy Content Authoring & Publishing

"CrafterCMS helped to turn a massive database of content into an easily manageable website"

Modular Design

"CrafterCMS has a well architected modular design, which gives us great flexibility during our adoption"


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • For many global footprint solutions I used the Crafter solution to power Marriott digital experiences. We found the software to be flexible enough to meet all of our customer touch points (mobile, desktop, kiosk, email, web, video) and the leadership team willing to jump in and develop solutions in partnership with us.

    Eric Scholz Senior Director, Marriott International
  • We needed a CMS that required minimum technology understanding in creating and publishing a page [for our non-techincal users], and Crafter fulfilled that role with an easy-to-use interface simplifying the reading and publishing of content.

    Priyanka Komala Project Director, National Academy of Sciences
  • As a Java/Spring developer, I feel empowered by Crafter’s extensible API; we can create what our sites need using technologies we know.

    Michael Oryl Director Web Development, Penn Mutual
  • The implementation of CrafterCMS enabled us to publish new content quickly, push ownership and responsibility out to each publishing unit, and provide total site control with minimal IT involvement.

    Martha Stephenson Senior Project Manager, Harvard Business Publishing
  • We chose CrafterCMS for its ease-of-use for our entire team of authors, developers, and operations. It was much easier than other CMS platforms for our developers to adopt, and our authors are now able to quickly and easily deploy new content for our customers.

    Johanna Neef Product Owner Omni Channel Services Business Development, Thalia Bücher GmbH
  • CrafterCMS has streamlined Mastercard’s digital brand and facilitated its reputation as an innovative and ambitious company. We were able to create global consolidation that allowed non-technical users to easily manage content in one centralized, strategic platform. 

    Jay Mandel Director of Marketing, Mastercard International

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