Platform Features

Are you tired of grappling with complex and outdated content management systems? Or simple headless-only CMSs?

Look no further!

We present CrafterCMS, the all-in-one headless CMS platform designed for the enterprise, enabling you to streamline all your content management processes and elevate your digital presence. With an array of powerful features, CrafterCMS transforms the way you manage and deliver content-rich digital experiences.

Explore each of our feature areas below:

Easy to Use For Content Authors (and Publishers)

An all-inclusive headless content management platform that empowers major enterprises to effortlessly create, customize, and manage their digital content. With its intuitive WYSIWYG content editing, drag and drop experience builder, and a wide range of tools such as rich text editors, configurable forms, generative AI and SEO tools, CrafterCMS ensures a seamless content authoring, editing, review and publishing process. 

  • WYSIWYG In-Context Editing

    Bring your vision to life with pixel-perfect precision.
  • Drag/Drop Experience Builder

    Complete control over layout, elements, and interactivity.
  • User-Friendly Forms

    Define metadata, SEO-friendly URLs, content personalization rules and more.
  • Rich Text Editors

    Create and edit content in your styles.
  • Generative AI

    Accelerate content ideation and creation with generative AI tools.
  • Multi-Site, Multi-Channel, Multi-Lingual

    Expand your digital footprint and cater to diverse audiences.
  • SEO Tools

    Boost your online visibility and reach your target audience.
  • Personalization

    Deliver experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Internationalization

    Localize content, adapt to regional preferences, and engage with diverse audiences.
  • Advanced Search

    Efficient content discovery for a superior content authoring experience.
  • Site Blueprints

    Quickly create new sites from pre-defined blueprints
  • Plugins

    Add new features to your content experiences with pre-built plugins from the CrafterCMS Marketplace.
  • Multi-channel Preview

    Preview your content experience on any channel or device.
  • Approval Workflows

    Submit content edits for approvals as needed before publishing.
  • Content Publishing

    Publish content immediately or schedule for a future date/time.
  • Granular Roles and Permissions

    Only authorized individuals can access, modify, and publish content, ensuring security and governance.
  • Strong Security and SSO Integration

    Protect your valuable data and streamline user access.
  • DevContentOps

    Collaborate seamlessly with developers without interruptions or content freezes.
Modern API-First Platform

For Software Developers (and Ops)

CrafterCMS empowers software developers with an an array of cutting-edge features, from a comprehensive set of APIs, Groovy scripting, server-side development support to blazing fast content rendering.

SPAs and PWAs

Create modern single page applications (SPAs) and progressive web applications (PWAs), delivering fast and interactive user experiences that keep visitors engaged and delighted.

Headless Content APIs

From REST to GraphQL to HTML templating to Javascript (Node.js, Next.js, etc.) and more, CrafterCMS enables developers to easily build, extending the reach and functionality of their digital applications.

Templated Sites

Leverage the built-in Freemarker Templating Language (FTL) support for creating HTML5 sites, allowing you to quickly create modern responsive websites with ease. Customize and reuse templates to maintain consistent branding and deliver engaging web experiences.

Open Source

Built in the open, with an OSI-approved license, and leveraging leading open source technologies such as Git, Spring, Opensearch, React, GraphQL, Groovy, Freemarker, Docker, Kubernetes and more.


Use the built-in open source, Opensearch search engine and search API to create sites and apps that provide end-users with personalized experiences, and ways to easily find and discover content quickly and effortlessly. Implement powerful search capabilities to enhance user engagement and drive content discoverability.


Enjoy the benefits of a serverless and stateless content delivery architecture with CrafterCMS. Reduce infrastructure complexities, improve scalability, and enhance performance, all while ensuring efficient resource utilization.

High Performance

Blazing fast response times due to decoupled architecture and no external database dependencies, your audience will appreciate a highly responsive experience.

Composable DXP

Integrate with other best of stack systems to build and maintain your composable DXP that will evolve to meet future requirements.

Server Side Development

Unlike most headless CMSs, Crafter allows developers to build custom APIs, create custom functionality, and easily integrate with third-party systems with server-side development support.

Java CMS

Built in Java and the Spring framework, CrafterCMS provides developers with a familiar and robust ecosystem for building scalable and enterprise-grade digital applications.

Elastic Scalability

Handle increasing traffic demands without compromising performance, ensuring smooth user experiences even during peak periods.

Ultra Secure

Protect your valuable content and user data with CrafterCMS's comprehensive security features. From secure user authentication to role-based access controls, CrafterCMS ensures your content remains safe and compliant.

Decoupled Architecture

Enjoy the benefits of a truly decoupled architecture with CrafterCMS, allowing you to separate content authoring and management from content delivery. This architectural flexibility enables teams to work independently, enhancing agility, scalability, and content delivery efficiency.


With its Git-based content repository, CrafterCMS streamlines collaboration among content teams and developer teams, and allows developers to use their favorite DevOps tools to accelerate new features, optimize CI/CD, and deliver higher quality.


Leverage pre-built plugins in the CrafterCMS Marketplace to quicken the pace of new feature development, and build your own plugins for reuse across sites and apps.

Enterprise-Grade For Content Managers (and Admins)

With a robust set of enterprise-grade content management features, CrafterCMS empowers enterprises to streamline their content management processes, drive collaboration, and deliver a wide range of exceptional content-rich digital experiences. 

  • Git-Based CMS

    A Git-based content repository ensures reliable versioning, enabling teams to track changes, roll back to previous versions, and collaborate efficiently, ensuring content accuracy and continuity.
  • Sophisticated Versioning

    With Git as the underlying content repository, you get sophisticated versioning capabilities that database-centric CMSs cannot achieve. Easily compare and restore previous versions of your content, ensuring accuracy, preserving history, and facilitating collaboration across your team.
  • Auditing

    Track and review content changes, user actions, and system activity, ensuring compliance, transparency, and accountability.
  • Content Modeling

    Define content types, structure, and relationships using intuitive tools, allowing for easy content organization, retrieval, reuse and delivery to multiple channels.
  • Metadata and Taxonomies

    Easily manage and enrich your content with descriptive metadata and rich taxonomies, enhancing searchability, discoverability, and content optimization.
  • Content Inheritance

    Define content hierarchies and inherit properties, reducing redundancy and simplifying content updates across multiple pages and sites.
  • Digital Assets

    Manage images, videos (even real-time streams), documents, and all other types of digital assets that you need to deliver to your audiences.
  • Governance

    Define approval workflows, access controls, and content publishing processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining brand consistency.