7 Reasons Why Crafter Should Be On Your Web CMS Shortlist

A recent Forrester study found two-thirds of customer experience
professionals believe innovation is a key method of driving business
growth. Innovation helps organizations anticipate and respond
to customer needs which in turn builds loyalty and drives growth.

Innovation in digital experience is rooted in personalized content, compelling
functionality, and omni-channel experiences at scale.To deliver on innovation with agility requires the collaboration of a fusion team consisting of content
authors, software developers, and IT operations. Traditional CMS platforms designed primarily to support authors building web pages are obsolete in the face of today’s scope and pace of innovation. Meanwhile, most headless-only CMS solutions lack the full suite of capabilities that content teams and developer teams really need to innovate.

CrafterCMS is a new kind of headless "plus" CMS that is designed and built to support a high rate of innovation. CrafterCMS enables content authors and Devops teams to work together collaboratively to deliver personalized omni-channel digital experiences at scale, faster and easier than ever before. 

Download our White Paper now to learn:

  • The most important considerations when choosing your next enterprise Web CMS
  • Why in-context authoring tools and drag/drop experience building on a headless platform is so important
  • How a Git-based content repository is dramatically better than the database-centric approach
  • Why an open platform is better than closed and proprietary
  • How to start innovating with a headless "plus" CMS and DevContentOps processes

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