Server Side Rendering: The Missing Component of Headless CMS

Headless CMS architecture has enabled enterprises to take on multi-channel content challenges. Today’s REST APIs provide the architectural linchpin of omni-channel content interoperability and reuse.

Many headless CMS platforms can be understood as systems that simply allow you to author and publish collections of strings as REST APIs. For a class of content and use cases, this is enough. The content is simple. The consumers are simple. The solution doesn’t need anything more than basic input and output.

However, most enterprises engage with customers in a sophisticated way many times across an entire journey. So the ability to integrate with other systems, and to personalize the content for each request, matters. Moreover, SEO, performance, security and other concerns reintroduce a need to be able to develop and render on the server.

In this webinar we’ll explore the server-side gap in traditional headless CMS architectures, and discuss how CrafterCMS addresses this gap with a robust development platform for easy server-side application development.

In this webinar, we will cover: