CrafterCMS Now Available in AWS Marketplace and GovCloud

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CrafterCMS Enterprise Edition is now available in the AWS Marketplace and the AWS GovCloud. This provides both private and public sector organizations with an extremely easy route to deploy cloud-native, elastically scalable, enterprise-class digital experiences of all kinds.  

Do you need to set up a CrafterCMS environment quickly? No problem. Do you need instances on-demand to handle an unexpected traffic burst? No Problem. Now anyone with an AWS account can quickly spin up supported CrafterCMS instances at a touch of a button. There's even a free trial, give it a try!

CrafterCMS and AWS are a perfect match for one-another. We’ve had elastic, cloud-native architecture in our blood and design since the very beginning. The open source project  that became CrafterCMS was founded in 2007. At that time Amazon AWS was coming out of beta with its Elastic Compute capability. It was the early days for cloud infrastructure vendors, but the writing was on the wall. Elastic and grid computing were gaining awareness and momentum. Elastic and cloud computing was the future.

In those early days, and until today, large and medium sized companies were looking to move off their proprietary legacy CMS platforms and on to something more modern and maintainable. Scalability and the total cost of ownership of an appropriately sized and scalable system was a key concern for these organizations.  CMS architecture always has and mostly continues to rely on RDBMS and JCR backends that are monolithic, costly and difficult to scale. Right from our inception, we needed a different kind of solution with a stronger architecture. Nothing with the elastically scalable, shared-nothing design of CrafterCMS existed, so we built our own platform leveraging leading open source ingredients.  We designed and constructed CrafterCMS to be a highly scalable platform with a completely distributed, shared-nothing architecture that scales out elastically.

Our community and customers have been deploying in AWS and other cloud vendors for years. The availablity of an officially supported CrafterCMS Enterprise edition in the AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud makes aquisition and deployment easier than ever before. 

Today there's no reason to struggle with scalability and performance challenges. Robust, proven and efficiently managed elastic computing capabilities that are cost effective like AWS' EC2 combined with cloud-native solutions like CrafterCMS provide the answer.

Check out CrafterCMS! With our new listings in the AWS marketplace adnd AWS GovCloud, a supported version of CrafterCMS is easier than ever before to spin up and run.

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