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Expand your technical capabilities while saving money.

Looking to migrate from Drupal? You are not alone. Join others who are looking to innovate faster, collaborate better, and save money while they scale in the cloud of their choice.

CrafterCMS provides an API-first, Git-based headless content platform used by leading brands and organizations that want to scale easily, control their own data and destiny, integrate with third-party systems, and provide content creators with a powerful authoring experience. Best of all - it’s open source and offers multiple deployment options - fully managed SaaS, self-managed private or public cloud, and free community supported open source.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can quickly and easily migrate from Drupal to CrafterCMS today, while dramatically expanding your technical capabilities and driving faster innovation.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The benefits of a truly headless content management platform like CrafterCMS
  • How to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade any Drupal app to a CrafterCMS app
  • How to easily migrate your content from Drupal's legacy database system to CrafterCMS's Git-based repository
  • The benefits your content authoring and DevOps teams will enjoy using CrafterCMS

*Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert

CrafterCMS: Open Source Headless+ Git-Based CMS

Powerful Content Authoring: Your content authors do not have to sacrifice their authoring experience with CrafterCMS's headless+ platform. Drag/drop, WYSIWYG, In-Context Authoring, Multi-channel Preview are just some of Crafter's advanced authoring platform features.

True Developer Platform: CrafterCMS offers much more than a legacy PHP/MySQL stack with APIs as an afterthought. In addition to a robust set of content APIs, you get a true PaaS development platform for Nodejs and Java developers to build custom APIs, backend functionality and server-side rendering. 

Git-based over SQL-based: Migrating to a Git-based, distributed repository provides more flexibility, better DevOps, and higher return on investment.

Save Money at Scale: CrafterCMS scales with your needs without additional costs at every turn. Enjoy a serverless, stateless content delivery architecture that easily scales elastically in the cloud. 

Quickly and easily migrate from Drupal's legacy database-centric stack to a native Git-based, headless+ CMS that brings content authors and DevOps teams together through a single system without friction. Content teams win with a powerful, extensible authoring experience. Developers win with a true API-first headless content platform-as-a-service (PaaS). 

Learn how to migrate in the webinar below. We offer migration services packages to your organization to ensure everything migrates perfectly!  

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