How to Migrate from Contentful to CrafterCMS

Considering a switch from Contentful? You're in good company. Many are moving towards a more dynamic, cost-efficient, and collaborative cloud environment for scaling their operations.

CrafterCMS, a top choice for major brands and organizations, offers a Git-powered, API-first headless content platform. This platform is uniquely designed for effortless scaling, full control over data and future development, seamless integration with external systems, and an enhanced content creation experience. It's an open-source solution with versatile deployment options, including fully managed SaaS, self-hosted on private or public clouds, or a free, community-supported version.

Discover how to seamlessly transition from Contentful to CrafterCMS by reading our Tutorial.

What you'll learn:

  • Advantages of an open-source content platform like CrafterCMS
  • Steps to efficiently upgrade your Contentful apps to a CrafterCMS apps
  • Methods to migrate your content from Contentful's closed-source database to CrafterCMS's open source, Git-based content repository
  • Benefits for content authors and DevOps teams when using CrafterCMS

*Contentful is a trademark of CONTENTFUL GMBH.

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