A Better Headless CMS for ReactJS Apps

Is your team building your next application or website with ReactJS? And does your application include content that needs to be regularly updated and maintained by business users? 

If so, integrating with traditional CMS platforms is difficult. They are built to serve pages and don't fit into modern development practices used by full stack developers using React. You need a headless CMS that decouples your CMS from your applications by serving content as APIs in JSON format. 

Not all headless CMS platforms are created equal. Most headless CMS platforms lack the authoring tools and support for sophisticated use cases like personalization that modern digital experience apps require. Join this webinar and live demo to learn how Crafter's headless CMS capabilities make integrating content management with your React application and development process simple and easy while maintaining a great CMS experience for your content authoring team.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Architecture best practices for React apps and headless CMS
  • Common challenges for typical headless CMS platforms
  • How to create custom dynamic content APIs for your React app
  • How to integrate rich authoring and other CMS functions
  • Considerations for DevOps and continuous integration and delivery

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