Advantages of a Private SaaS Headless CMS (vs. Public SaaS)

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SaaS-based CMSs get praise for existing entirely in the cloud instead of on-premises. Generally, this means easier onboarding, cost efficiences, and increased scalability. But when it comes to headless CMSs hosted in the cloud, also known as a cloud CMS, there’s a distinct difference between private SaaS and public SaaS. Crafter Cloud is one of the only private SaaS headless CMS solutions, and it has several advantages over all the other public SaaS headless CMS platforms.

Private SaaS vs. Public SaaS Headless CMS

A public SaaS headless CMS is hosted on a public cloud platform and is accessible to multiple users over the internet. With a public SaaS headless CMS, users can manage and distribute content across multiple channels and devices. They can take advantage of the scalability, ease-of-use, and reliability of a cloud-based infrastructure. All of the infrastructure is shared among all enterprises that are users.

On the other hand, a private SaaS headless CMS is hosted on either a public or private cloud, but the infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, etc.) is private to each individual enterprise customer. These platforms provide more control over the CMS environment and offer additional security, performance, scalability, and custom flexibility. This makes private SaaS suitable for organizations with specific security, customization or compliance requirements or those with a large amount of content that may be confidential, proprietary, or regulated (by PCI, HIPAA and other standards).

When a Public SaaS Headless CMS Works

  • You’re a startup or indie developer
  • You want to get started quickly on a small website or mobile app
  • You don’t have specific security, performance, and custom flexibility requirements 

When a Private SaaS Headless CMS is the Better Choice

  • You’re an enterprise business
  • You need customized backend functionality
  • You want more control over your deployment options
  • You need to comply your existing monitoring, observability, security and/or legal policies
  • You need extra strong security features
  • You’re a government organization
  • You operate in a regulated industry such as financial services, healthcare, or B2B/B2C e-commerce

How Crafter Cloud Surpasses Public SaaS CMS Alternatives

Crafter Cloud is an elastically scalable, headless CMS platform that’s 100% hosted and fully managed by CrafterCMS on dedicated cloud infrastructure. Here’s what it offers that public SaaS CMS solutions can’t:

Higher Performance: Crafter Cloud delivers blazing-fast, highly personalized experiences to your target audience at scale, as Crafter Engine runs in-memory with no dependence on outside systems or databases. Moreover, performance can be tailored to your organization’s unique needs by deploying to the right amount and type of AWS infrastructure.

Ultra Security: Crafter Cloud runs on dedicated AWS infrastructure that is private to your enterprise. Plus, the decoupled architecture separates content authoring from content delivery, providing an extra layer of security.

Deployment Flexibility: Crafter Cloud allows you to tailor your authoring systems and delivery systems to meet your precise needs. With its decoupled architecture, CrafterCMS separates the authoring from delivery. Meaning you can deploy Crafter Studio (user-friendly content authoring system) closer to your content authors geographically, and the Crafter Engine (API-first content delivery system)  closer to where your audience is located. 

Legal Compliance: Crafter Cloud offers the transparency, security and performance required by legally-compliant sites and apps. This gives you the flexibility to add your own monitoring tools and apply your own security and legal policies. 

Dedicated Infrastructure: Exclusively allocated to your enterprise, Crafter Cloud can provide enhanced security, increased performance, and greater control over the CMS environment.

Serverless Content Delivery: Crafter Cloud shifts the management and scaling of infrastructure for content delivery to the cloud. DevOps can focus on creating and testing and deploying new features, and content authors can focus on creating and publishing content (CI/CD/CP).

Elastic Scalability: Crafter Cloud allows you to elastically scale up or down based on changing patterns in traffic. For example, advertising retailers or media sites might anticipate a huge spike of traffic due to a sporting event, and they can easily launch a few extra content delivery servers for the weekend. This means its easy to maintain high performance by ensuring sufficient capacity to handle traffic demand changes, improved cost management by only scaling as necessary, and the possibility to add new features when needed.

Higher ROI: With Crafter Cloud's flexibility of deployment, tailored infrastructure, and serverless content delivery, the bottom line results are much better for enterprises. Costs are limited and focused on the needs of the customer, not the substantial overhead and infrastructure costs of shared public SaaS vendors.

Find out everything you can accomplish with the full power of CrafterCMS in the cloud, by registering for a free trial today. 

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