Partner Solution: Live Video and Conferencing for Digital Events

More than ever before, video conferencing and live-streamed virtual events are the way of the future. In fact, more than 80% of event organizers say that virtual events provide even more opportunity to reach a wider audience. However the technical lift of providing that audience the same quality and experience that they’d have in person can be a challenge for any enterprise.

Rivet Logic’s Live Video and Conferencing Solution, built on Crafter Video CMS and AWS Elemental Media Services, offers a powerful enterprise solution for creating and delivering a memorable attendee experience, valuable learning and networking, and an overall fantastic event. Looking to create a memorable virtual conference? A seamless livestream? An engaging event with breakout sessions?

Topics covered in this recording:

  • The landscape of the live event streaming marketplace, and why most legacy solutions are not suitable for 2021 and beyond
  • An overview of the underlying OTT platform: Crafter Video CMS and its integration with AWS Elemental Media Services
  • A live demo of Rivet Logic’s Live Video and Conferencing Solution 
  • How this solution has been successfully deployed at clients such as Marriott and NOVA Foundation

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