What Is DevContentOps?

Enterprises are investing heavily in content-driven applications and digital experiences in an attempt to funnel content into the ever-growing landscape of web, mobile, wearable, and other digital touchpoints. An API-first headless CMS is crucial to this, but not every CMS platform is ready for the rapid development and deployment of content-driven applications.

For the successful development of content-driven applications, companies need a new approach: the DevContentOps® process. The DevContentOps process enables a new way of collaboration for content-enabled digital app development.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How DevOps alone falls short in creating modern digital experiences
  • How DevContentOps enables seamless collaboration between developers, IT operations, and content managers.
  • How CrafterCMS is enabling a new cultural shift that will transform how content is published, and how companies deliver dynamic digital experiences to their audience

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