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We’re excited to announce the release of CrafterCMS version 2.4.0! This release of Crafter delivers a number of exciting features as well as small enhancements and bug fixes that are sure to help your team create and deliver more engaging digital experiences! Here is a quick summary of what’s new:

Groovy-based scripting for website pages, components and services

CrafterCMS has always supported the ability to build and extend the functionality of your components and services through Java as well as lightweight technologies like Freemarker. With the release of 2.4.0, our modern and lightweight delivery stack (Crafter Engine) now provides the most agile development platform in the industry. In 2.4.0 we are introducing a new capability that enables developers from novices to experts to script new functionality in Groovy, the highly popular dynamic scripting language for Java.

Authoring and management of Groovy scripting

Create and modify your Groovy controllers for pages, components, services and libraries right inside Crafter Studio. Every change is automatically versioned, and may be tested, approved and published right from the CMS.


Drag and drop bulk upload support in Crafter Studio

Uploading images, videos, CSS, templates and other assets just got a whole lot easier. In CrafterCMS 2.4.0, we’ve added a drag and drop interface that allows you to easily move content from your desktop to the CMS through Crafter Studio.


Updated support for Crafter Social

User engagement is all about a two way conversation. Crafter Social is a powerful platform for listening and interacting with your target audiences. In CrafterCMS 2.4.0, we’ve improved Crafter Social so that you can attach comment streams to nearly anything from articles to products. Crafter Social’s technology-agnostic, application-as-a-service architecture allows you to integrate social conversations across any application and technology.


Multi-variant testing integration with Google Analytics

How well do you know your audience? No matter how familiar we are with the consumers of our content we can always get better. The most effective and proven way to systematically improve our understanding and customer experience is through scientific testing. CrafterCMS 2.4.0 natively integrates with Google Analytics Multi-Variant testing in a way that enables authors to define and review experiment variations prior to publishing.

Crafter is the award-winning Web content and experience management solution that allows leading enterprises to build personalized digital experiences across all online channels. To learn more about the open source CrafterCMS project, connect with our community and download CrafterCMS 2.4.0 here.

The Enterprise Edition of CrafterCMS, which includes commercial licenses, production support, cloud offerings and integration services, is available through CrafterCMS and its certified partner network.

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