Fireside Chat with DXP Report

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We had the pleasure of joining DXP Report on its Fireside Chat podcast, and you can check out the recording here:


Topics you will hear include:

  • What is a Git-based CMS?
  • Why leading enterprises are moving to a Git-based CMS, including the many advantages over and above database-centric CMSs.
  • Benefits of using Git for content management.
  • What is DevContentOps, and how does it accelerate digital innovation?
  • Industry trends toward headless CMS.
  • The difference between headless and a decoupled architecture.
  • The importance of extensible content APIs, and why the fixed APIs of most headless CMS vendors limit enterprise integration and software development productivity.
  • What is headless "plus"? And why its the next evolution in content management for major enterprises.
  • Composable digital experiences, and the importance of a plugin framework and marketplaces of reusable components (public and private).
  • Details about the recent release of CrafterCMS version 4, and the CrafterCMS development roadmap.

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