Dramatically Improving Content Management for Large-Scale Enterprise Websites

A large-scale enterprise website is a complex beast, with many content authors looking to constantly publish fresh content and create personalized experiences, while at the same time many developers are tasked with adding new innovate features and dynamic functionality. Unfortunately, traditional CMS platforms were not designed to handle the complex processes and functional needs of modern large-scale web content management. 

Watch our webinar and learn how leading enterprises are now streamlining the creation, management, and delivery of digital innovation on their large-scale enterprise websites. We will examine critical pain points such as lack of support for: continuous content publishing, agile development and DevOps processes, multi-channel experiences, and an elastically scalable infrastructure, among others.

We'll reveal how Crafter's Git-based CMS platform solves these problems with a revolutionary code forward, content back workflow that unites your enterprise's content creation and DevOps teams. And for the first time, enabling them to truly work together and deliver continuous innovation to targeted audiences quickly and at extreme scale.

In this recorded webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices for managing large-scale enterprise websites
  • Why it's critical for enterprises to enable a collaborative content management process for developers, content authors, and DevOps
  • The benefits of running a modern, large-scale enterprise website on CrafterCMS, along with a live demo

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